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Craft something for you RPG Games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc)

Dungeon Tiles, Treasure Chests, Doors, Minis, etc

This streak is to help make your tabletop games more visually interesting.

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Forgot to post my spectator a made a while ago.

I converted my D&D campaign over to ICRPG recently, because I loved the simple rules so much. But I needed some hero coins.

So I 3D printed these (And painted them):

I am playing with a new group playing ICRPG and decided to play a female small folk monk.
I decided to 3d print and paint the closes thing I could find to my character. (A Male Halfling Monk). I then tried to paint it to look more like a female. (She uses the spell "Iron Fist" to make her unarmed attacks stronger, so I added that to the mini as well)

Not perfect, but close enough.

I 3d printed a few pets and painted them up.

Painted a umberhulk that I 3d printed.

I have been 3d printing for a while, not painting many of them. But here is the Dragonborn Sorcerer I just finished.

I am very proud of it.

I got a 3d printer recently and finished painting a Duergar, one normal size and one Enlarged size.

Finished up some Intellect Devourers

Found a cool way to make some Oozes so I made Black Pudding and Ochre Jelly, along with smaller versions when they split.

The Underdark is my pcs final destination, and they will run into at least 1 Roper, maybe some Piercers along their journey.

These were simple to make, and soon I will need these for an outdoor encounter.

After weeks of work, hour here, two hours there, etc
I finally finished painting my Castle Tower.

I tried a new paint job, don't like it as much as I thought I would. Also took forever.

At least it's finally done!

I didn't get much time this week.
I started painting the Castle Tower, only got a base coat done.
At least it's something.

I was looking for a cool castle tower plan online that could be taken apart and you could go into each room/floor. I didn't find any like I wanted so I started working on my own. Starting with a tower.

Then I got a little annoyed that it's not finished yet, so I created a few gelatinous cubes, just for that feeling of accomplishment.

Hopefully I can paint the tower within the next week or so.

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on double sided tiles. Wood on one side, and stone on the other. (See pics below)

I realized I estimated the time incorrectly on making them, especially with how many I made. Which is why it took weeks and weeks to finally finish them.

But they are finally done. And I like the result, we will start using them in our game tomorrow.

Next project wont be so big, I think. :)

This took a while, I even bought a foam cutter to make the shingles.

I used a black wash on it to make it look more weathered, but I think it took away some of my dry brushing details. Maybe it was just too dark? I'm not sure, I'm new to washes.

It's nice though, I like it.

Now to figure out how it should go into my game. :)

I have been working on this on and off for a couple weeks, now it's finally finished.

I'm happy with how it turned out.

Now my Big Bad Evil guy has a place to sacrifice his victims, Muahahaha!

I am experimenting with a double sided tile made out of styrofoam.

I hope to finish it this week.

Edit: Paint job is finished, just need to spray it with a protective spray

I had the idea to create some wall torches so I decided to make a prototype.

Here it is.

Edit: I made a whole batch of them:

My group will soon enter a crypt so I decided to build some Sarcophagi? Sarcophagus'? Anyways:

Inspired by The DMs Craft

These took a while, but I like the result.

I have had these barrels almost done for weeks now, today I decided just to finally finish them.

I was busy last week but I did get started making these: which I finished today.

Highly inspired by The DMs Craft

I just finished up some tables and chairs this week.

I used small wood crafts and some washers.

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