Started 2 years ago (2017-03-22T01:00:00Z).
Ended 2 years ago (2017-03-26T01:00:00Z).

Learning/practicing color theory, starting with the very basics.

I'm doing daily art weeks centered around a certain skill I want to improve on, to focus my learning.

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Last one in my color theory practice series. This Youtube Tutorial by Blenderguru is the best I found so far, can really recommend:
Not sure if this really counts as "daily art", but I did some quick thumbs to try out the different color harmonies.

Today I tried out a technique called "color breaks"/ basically creating a set of color thumbnails to choose from


The lighthouse at sunset is a potential scenery for our game :)

Doing some color theory exercises until the rest of the week, starting with the very basics.

Here are some doodles with analogue color palettes and some notes from a video.