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Every game starts with a pitch. How would YOU write the pitch to a beloved game? Practice your pitch by posting your version each day for past and present games.

Must be 140 characters or less (Twitter Rules) so keep them concise that's the point!

I'll be cross-posting here and to Twitter using the hastag #altgamepitch so feel free to join in!

Recent submissions (19 total)

Play a spirited game of tennis with swords or paws.

Shield-on-a-rope salesman goes door to door around the mid east.

Bounce a soccer ball between two skyscrapers.

If the XMEN decided to do a fighting game in 1991.

Grind your hearts out in an rpg world filled with zombies & ghouls.

Experimental super toads travel through space to beat up evil mutants.

The last starfighter must repel endless waves of Cylons or be assimilated to attack the next player.

Lost astronaut haunted by apparitions manifested from his PTSD.

Play hide and seek with your favorite G. I. Joe characters!

If Rocket Boy had feelings about jumping and killing other robots.

A game that sues you for using the words "candy" "crush" or "saga"...oh shit

Kid gets a sword in a cave and proceeds to fuck shit up all over Hyrule.

Blue collar worker eats a shroom and falls down a sewer, consumed by rage for turtles.

Race war where 3 different races harvest farts and jewels to carry out genocide against the others.

Man with no fucks to give running from downtown to his house to go poo.

Deathmatch arena game featuring a cast of super heroes primed for careers in the Porn industry.

Children kidnap helpless animals and force them to fight to the death in state sanctioned murder arenas.

Play as a Jedi who doesn't use a lightsaber and probably drinks a lot of scotch at night.

Female gymnast likes to jump around old places and shoot dinosaurs with 2 pistols.