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People with magic, powers and abilities.

Practice designing outfits and your creativity! Draw someone who has knitting super powers, whatever, just go for it.

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messing around with a more cartoony style with this silly drawing :P

i wanted to draw the idea of someone thinking they've turned into a monster after discovering their powers rather than being excited about it.

drawn traditionally, coloured digitally

sketched traditionally, coloured digitally.

On Halloween, witches' staffs run out of magic. Every October, they buy a new staff with a pumpkin on top which they carve so that everyone has a unique staff for the year.

I'm too tired to finish this drawing up, haha

You guys should use HabitRPG. It's a really neat fun way of completing your to do lists. I'm so motivated by my greed for coins that now I'm really productive xD

she also works at a casino, so things are gonna get really messy. I ended up liking this character i lot, i might come back to her =w=b

I did the lineart earlier this week but i don't have time to colour it today. Shouldn't have left it to the last minute xD

No time + No inspiration + Wanting to draw an asshole = this.