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Let's animate a walk cycle every week and improve those animation skills! Here is a basic reference to get started!

Contact, Recoil, Passing, and High Point. Memorize it!

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Tried to make a really tiny walk cycle.

Had to use my 3DS for this quick cycle because things have been busy.

This week's walk cycle is an awful mess, but time is limited and I'm only just now getting used to drawing again. See you next week!

I don't have net access on this train, but I drew a walk cycle today. I'll be replacing this post when I can!

I leave for Georgia today! Got a train to catch...

I'm not feeling so well, but I did get some work done.

I didn't get a lot done today but I enjoyed the work that I did do!

The walk cycle I'm working on looks really silly without arms, but I'm happy to have finally gotten far enough to conquer the legs on this sprite! Maybe someday I can start adding arms to these dang things. A man can dream.

Eventually these will be less of a mess.

I just did this like 10 minutes ago.

The week has been pretty hectic but I've gotten the first week's walk cycle as done as I can for now. Poor Princess Sophia doesn't have her luxurious hair this time around, but she pulls off the bald look pretty well!