Started 4 years ago (2015-02-05T00:00:00Z).
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Hey guys!

For each week of 2015 lets make a digital 3D model, we can post pictures of the models for each week and share our experience with each other. Together we can make our selves better at 3D art, you don't have to even be good to join in just make anything even if its nothing more than a cube that's retextured or the best 3D house the internet has seen.

So come join us, It will be a fun and helpful exepirance for everyone.

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I'm building a game with a friend in the area and the concept is for a space shooter. I've been using Maya for several years, but just recently decided to step up my game with ZBrush.

Besides some stuff that was just for messing around on, this is my first complete (well, mostly complete) model.

C&C welcome especially pertaining to hard surface techniques!

Elvish Rogue, heavily based upon the concept art in Pathfinders NPC Codex for Merisiel.

Started this Monday... pretty happy with how far I've gotten. Still needs laces and some more details, but overall, going well.

I will be working on doing a character each week.

Blender 2.73 cycles rendered