Elvish Rogue, heavily based upon the concept art in Pathfinders NPC Codex for Merisiel.

Started this Monday... pretty happy with how far I've gotten. Still needs laces and some more details, but overall, going well.

I will be working on doing a character each week.

Blender 2.73 cycles rendered

Dr.Electro9 years ago

It looks like the shoulders are too wide and the arms are therefore too short. The body and legs seems to be stretched in the z-axis.. but its a difficult angle to point out exactly what is off. Consider creating a thread in the blenderartists.org Focused Critique forums with front and side view and your reference attached. Yoiu can post the link here and you can get much helful feedback from very talented artists there. ('cause i would consider myself as an intermediate not as a pro ;)

misspianoforte9 years ago

@Dr.Electro I had created a base female human mesh based upon the loomis proportions... then did a quick proportional decrease in size to make her even more slender - elvish. The shoulder armor might not be fitting as well as it should, which is making her look top heavy... is this what you were commenting on? Thanks for the comment... I haven't shared my work in public before, so appreciate the feedback. :)

Dr.Electro9 years ago

nice clothe design! but your model has some serious proportion issues.. did you use any reference?

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