Messed up with the posting. I have read everyday but yesterday since 6/27. Meh, no bother.

Today, Monday: I read for an hour. Still on the 3rd chapter, Kicking Again. Made it to the section where rent meats Dianne's parents.

Saturday: I felt that I needed the clarity, so I read the first chapter of power of now, discussing the place of no-mind & creativity. I've also been meditating to a guided practice narrated by the author, Eckart.

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Didn't have much time at lunch, but I was able to read for 15 minutes.

Read for 45 minutes at lunch.

Read for 20 mins on the beach. Rents is goin cold turkey at his parents place.

I need to get better about posting.

Last night, I read some Power of Now to unwind in bed.

Today at lunch I read Trainspotting for an hour.

45 mins at lunch. Covered Begbie's bar fight, Rent's Scott monologue, and Tommy's concert tickets.

Read another 45 mins at lunch today. Just finished the chapter with baby Dawn.

I couldn't find my place, but since I've been on-again, off-again reading this book for more than a year, I figured I should just restart. Read for 45 mins on my lunch break today.

Read for half an hour on my lunch break. Now on the start of chapter 2.

Read a little everyday!

I've got too many things to read!

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