Been super busy but I wanted to get my daily drawing in so I took some time out to make fan art of my own game. I'm already spending a huge amount of time on it might as well...

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Found a dude pullin a cool pose on TikTok and decided to draw it

Holy Shit I'm actually getting better at art. I would of never been able to make this a month ago. I don't really like the second horn but I'm proud of everything else.

Just messing around with colors

Man this stuff is hard. I really really hate UVs and mapping it to pixel art is rough.

It's coming together! I'm learning the pixel art texturing to 3D Model workflow



I did NOT mean to spend this long on this lmao

I might keep working on this

kind of depressed today so I just doodled

I think I'm getting better :]

3D Modeling has hands T_T

I don't think I am going to like this when I finish it

Got locked in and spent wayyy too long on this. More than I usually do on a daily drawing.

This is Sasha, the character I play in the video game Kenshi in a fighter pose cause she is a martial artist.

This dude is gonna take a while lol. But I am happy to learn Blender! :]

I know how to do a little bit of pixel art. I just thought it would be fun to try drawing how I usually draw in a pixel art program.

I'm really happy with how this turned out I may try rendering this

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