dwarph45 days ago

@TheChriggu just checked out line-of-action... time to use that for today's practice!

dwarph45 days ago

@TheChriggu this is fantastic, thank you! i really appreciate this advice <3

i don't know what line-of-action is! I was just scrolling through unsplash until I found an interesting pose :) but now I've got to check it out haha...

TheChriggu45 days ago

@dwarph I believe you can allow yourself to be a lot less accurate. The simplest way to achieve this is probably to limit the time per figure to something uncomfortably low. (For me personally, until abt. 2 months ago, I usually did a set of 30 seconds per figure, and then a set of 2 minutes per figure regularly.)

At 30 seconds, it's basically impossible to make a good drawing of a human. The result is much more something like a fancy stick figure. When I'm doing these, I tend not to think about them as a drawing of a person in a certain pose, but more as some kind of instruction - a drawing I'd give to a friend, who hasn't seen the original reference, and try to make them take that pose. It has to just be recognizable enough for that.

Another thing that helps is simplifying the lines. No wiggly stuff. Just some fast straight lines, simple c-curves, and maybe an s-curve here and there (but not too many. It's often better to break an s-curve into 2 c-curves)
These lines don't have to connect at all, if it doesn't fit. Or they can cross. Doesn't matter.
For your bottom figure up there, I'd probably have drawn a single curve connecting the 2 elbows through the shoulders, rather than separating the arms.
Connect this with the time limit, and the process get's very simple: Find the longest line in the body, that you can approximate as a curve, then draw it. Then find the next longest, and draw that, etc. etc. The next line is always just the next thing you need, to make the figure that bit clearer before your timer runs out.

One thing I'm noticing with your figures here, that I think is a bit of a mistake: The limbs, imo, shouldn't be drawn with center lines. Instead the inner thigh should be connected (or end somewhere near) to the center line of the upper bodies. Or the line from the upper body should straight up continue as the outer line of the limbs.

As a reference (in case you want to see my figures, but don't want to scroll through my timeline): https://streak.club/submission/50579
These were some of my figures after I figured most of this out, and internalized it to some degree. There are still missing limbs, because I wasn't fast enough, and the proportions are completely out of whack. But the poses, I think, are very readable.

And a final question: Are you doing these with line-of-action? Cause that top right one looks very similar to this one I made last month: https://streak.club/submission/51557 (though in this case I took a bit longer than 2 minutes for it, because I did intend shade it in the next day, so it had to have some accuracy)

Sorry for this amount of text. I thought it would be less...

dwarph45 days ago

@TheChriggu yes please! this is day 2 of doing them haha

TheChriggu45 days ago

Want a piece of advice from a guy, who's been doing these for the past half year and still isn't that confident he's doing it 'right'?

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