Character is Seraphina Steelthorn a Fighter that hates Magic because she finds it weak and is part of the reason she lost the use of her legs.

This drawing was really hard. I'm not super happy with it but I'm happy I pushed myself.

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Still working on it. Messed around with chat bubbles. Had to stop cause my eyes started hurting. :[

I don't know when I will finish it but this is me messing with Comic making. The story me summoning an Illusory dragon and then my party member helping me act it out so the enemy thinks they were destroyed by a real dragon.

Man Hands are so hard to draw. I've been trying to practice with a book by Takahiro Kagami.

Drawing more has led me to this...

I think I did a really good job! I am so happy I've started committing to the habit of drawing every day I'm noticing a lot of improvement.

I wanted to draw an old man and succeeded. Please Enjoy.

I'm really liking this style I'm experimenting with.

I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS! I hope other people like it as well.

For an RPG I will probably never have time to make lol.

I gave up on some aspects of this drawing lol.

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