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t w o h u n d r e d ! ! ! ! ! !


inspired by my speedy drawing yesterday!

30 mins per prompt! the prompts were:

  • Unearthing the past
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Community Action

& I won on ancient ruins 😄😄😄

was also super proud of my pom poko drawing for community action, though gutted i didnt fit in a third tanuki!

first drawing on a new laptop 🐝

kinda rough after not doing these for a while

i am sick of recording/editing talks now. glad i am finished 😴

kinda really like it without the lines?? but it's a bit too rough to pretend it was my intention from the get go

gonna colour this bad boy another day

I quite liked the eyes I accidentally drew here. gonna reuse em at some point

drawing is such a good way to decompress

no thoughts, head empty, am just soot sprite

referenced from a print of birds I have from peski studio

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