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markowsky art lesson #9!

coloured in for a long while after the lesson ended.
shame about her eyes... think they needed to be 2x bigger, and her face a little less long but ah well

this was used to learn the grid technique

final page of my sketchbook!!!! had to dedicate it to this icon.

drew lots during work but canny share

think im happy with the style now, but i did cheat & trace some photos... woops

getting closer to the vibe i want, but they're still not quite right...

drawn on the train so a bit shakey

trying to find some fun ways to express people that isn't just basic figures... but also im tired so i only tried 3 different ways - this was the third.

i like the arms of the person on the left.

trying to play with different ways of shading, also I'm tired so rushed a bit

still thinking about this guy

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