started following Michael Markowsky's course on youtube!

also realised how much I hate the drawing app on my phone! time to permanently transition to pen & paper or my pc + tablet 😅

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#1 - 3 2m30s
#4-5 - 30s
#6 - 10s

won this bad boy in a hackathon last year & managed to nab him from the office last week. check out how the light shines on his weird weird texture.

drew this in the passenger's seat. really enjoyed this one for some reason

t w o h u n d r e d ! ! ! ! ! !


inspired by my speedy drawing yesterday!

30 mins per prompt! the prompts were:

  • Unearthing the past
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Community Action

& I won on ancient ruins 😄😄😄

was also super proud of my pom poko drawing for community action, though gutted i didnt fit in a third tanuki!

first drawing on a new laptop 🐝

kinda rough after not doing these for a while

i am sick of recording/editing talks now. glad i am finished 😴

kinda really like it without the lines?? but it's a bit too rough to pretend it was my intention from the get go

gonna colour this bad boy another day

I quite liked the eyes I accidentally drew here. gonna reuse em at some point

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