at last, the tedium is over! tomorrow, i'll have a gameplay screenshot. planning on camera stuff. attached you can see how the rest of the documentation played out.

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Yeah, I've definitely been working the last three days. Been really busy with the game and schoolwork! So busy that I completely goofed and forgot to update. Tons of stuff has happened since the last update. I added some basic ai that chases the player (also has some that runs away). Teammates added ship and throw animations. Got some cool particle effects and stuff going on too.

remaking the ggj portion of the game, just cleaner and more flexible. tomorrow should have some combat in, with a new upgrade system implemented.

I know I keep posting documentation updates. It's getting there. I had a busy class day today too, so give me a break! :)

Documentation almost done... wrote the story section. Nothing too fancy, enough to give the setting and feel of the game.

Documentation weekend is almost over! It's really tedious but in the long run it will help immensely. Here's a screenshot of our wiki homepage. Got a lot done, did the high concept, game description and half of the gameplay. Tomorrow is story!

Just finished the prototype, cranking out the documentation by the end of the weekend. Hoping to have it all done by tomorrow.

Make games.

Work on some aspect of a game, let's say 5 days a week.

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