It was looooong day full of stuff to do, to fix, to solve... so the best I could do was handwriting my lists fo things I had to go shop for and the ones for groceries for both me and my parent.
I'm moving tomorrow so I'll count this for once...

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wrote thoughts I then burned for a spell

notes on my currently in progress crochet project

more thoughts writing - keeping it short, today was long

Wrote a page of thoughts from today... I don't like doing it because I don't like seeing these panicky words but I realize it's helpful because it pushes me to look at these thoughts more rationally than emotionally

yesterday I did hand write - again just new job notes... - but fell asleep on my couch before I could post so let's see if this works...

wrote and copied in a better form all my notes from my first day at my new job!
Now I plan to write some thought about today in my journal but hasn't happened yet..

Update: filled 3 and a half pages of my journal with thoughts

Wrote the first of a series of Tarot tips I have found in my witch journal

More journaling slef-therapy coz flashback I must have repressed for a long time and now connections are slowly happening ane I need to keep track - 3 journal pages

I moved today so lots of chaos but I did a little journaling writing some quick thoughts and feels about this very hard but even more special day.

Wrote down my findings about the power of tying a simple black thread/yarn on your wirst or ankle for energy work (I have tested these on myself and so far I can only say wow)

Using this daily commitment to finally write in my witch journal the info I saved digitally. Written a chart on the differences between jinexes, hexes, curses.

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