Rudimentary 4 track sketch. Sort of Johnny Cash meets sludgepunk?

Kedbreak1362 years ago

You got me at "sludgepunk". And "johnny cash". Cool vibe, stone age music. love it.

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happy 52 y'all! catch you on the flip side.

quick little sketch

a quick quasi-ambient joint

forgot to upload Sunday, but i did this over the past weekend.

someone talked me into doing some hip hop beats over the week, it was interesting and fun. I seem to fall into the "dark trap" category most easily,

(ack, had this cued up Sunday and never hit submit)

Back on a sorta synthpop kick. I also finally downloaded Valhalla SuperMassive, wonderful reverb and echo for free!

two layers of crappy finger drumming (one ezdrummer, one ableton stock "blueprint kit" plus a four count shaker loop to tie it together
bass through camelcrusher as always
guitar through guitarrig5 plus ableton stock reverb and delay for the "lead"

i went camping this week :)

here, have a golden apple

finishing up my little EP sized collection of vaguely "early industrial" homage tracks.

one has a bit of maybe stoner metal in it, and the other was probably influenced by my partner spinning a Cure playlist the other day (the arp at least)

lyrical nod to Murder, inc in "subliminal prototype"

it seems this week's episode of "crimes against beloved musical genres" targets early alt-rock

(my phone's music detection feature agrees, in so much that it basically accused me of plagiarism but hey...)

doubling down on my early 90s industrial vibe experiment. this one is a riff on a Robert Frost piece.

another "twofer". the first one seemed too much like a sonic rut i'm stuck in so i tried something consciously different

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