I did it! Day one - walked the dog for 30 minutes, then went to the pool and fought a pool noodle for about an hour. It's harder than it sounds! :D

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I've walked the dog every day, but forgot to record it. Going to keep trying this Streak thing though, not giving up yet!

I went to a 2 hour Ingress event today, and walked the dog for 1 hour. I'd say that qualified as moving!

I set this up, and totally forgot day 3. >_< I did walk the dog for 30 minutes. Tonight, I'm on the exercise bike for 30 minutes. I also misspelled "Waterfit", because I'm smart like that.

Made it to the pool again today! The house is beginning to smell like chlorine.

No Zero Days - Move Yourself

Do at least one physical fitness type thing every day

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