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Only 2 months early (for a commission). Merry Christmas.

I know it's taken me three days and this is all I have so far, but I don't actively work on it much, just for my daily art. My game isn't even my main project anymore. Just some simple leaves. Colours still need work, but as far as I'm concerned I've got the shapes down.

Tweaked some shrub colors, takes a while to get right. I spent a lot of time on a wooden plank, but it turned out terrible so I'm going to redo it tomorrow.

Spent a lot of time on it, but I did a cool looking shrub

Edit: I just realized leaves exist. Oops.

I've lied the last two days. Sorry! Here's the real final.

I polished my commission a lot and finished it.

It looks a bit small, but that's because it's a forum signature. I might redo some of it

I finally drew a tile I feel satisfied with

The dirt looks good imo, still needs some tweeking though. The sand looks pretty rough, though.

Chef Jet Tali visited my school today and he's become a huge meme there so here

Been busy, so I just did some tentacles for a commission. Doesn't look good alone though, and it's WIP so I'm not going to post it.

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