I'm currently developing the 3D models in orthographic mode to create a top-down isometric city map.

I've researched numerous different housing styles, such as:

  • Victorian
  • Tudor
  • Colonial
  • Italianate

I guess that gives me a +1 to Architecture, or at least Level Design.

I'm just neutral about this at the moment, as I feel as though there's more basics I need to understand before committing to a design.

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Collected a series of images containing the visual aesthetic I'm aiming for, more research. I'm neutral that I didn't accomplish anything, but I was sick all day.

Read up on some character personality guidelines and tips, working on making them more human. I haven't solidly committed anything, so I'm neutral about my work so far.

Made some 3D models of different homes and interiors, I have to work on modeling characters. I'm neutral about this because I currently lack the skill to proceed with making quality work.

I created some furniture items for the isometric room map, and I'm working on some vector art for the overworld map. I'm neutral, because this hasn't been my most productive day.

Some friends and I tackled the task of providing voices for the characters, as well as sound effects. I learned about voice acting, and recording multiple takes of every line to piece together a great mix of phrases. I'm neutral about today's work, as there was a lot of research and little result. At least, not visible results.

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