Submissions from 2019-04-01 to 2019-04-08 (9 total)

Been working so a late mix this week. So yeah, all sorts going on here. Was more of a test to see what i could push from my rig. Omnisphere playing 8 parts, ABL, Hive, couple of drum loops all playing a Locrian mode arrangement.

Messing about with my new PO-32 Tonic synced to the PO-33 KO.

hard techno, getting toward psytrance hehe .. but pretty fun i hope. lots of panning lfos

A friend challenged me to write an 80's style synth song.

I hope someday to write lyrics and get an awesome female vocal for this. For now, y'all will have to deal with a synth in place of vocals.

The name is from the fact I took a swing dance class today in a room with a lot of windows.

had fun playing with a new synth plugin, OhmForce SymptohmPE.

lyrics generated by looking around the shelves of my workshop while i recorded :)

A couple times during the week I played with some different drum patterns, playing them off against each other, finally coming up with the drum theme heard throughout this piece. I also added a few simple passes of percussion, and then embellished a few with more beats.

I'd thought maybe I'd do just two basses against each other, and recorded a lot of clips in E and G that I ended up throwing out. Saturday night I re-tracked bass in A, and then did another pass of fuzz bass through the Balls Effects KWB. I put a few Rhodes lines, and then a pass of clean Epi Moderne that I'd thought of as glue, but ended up using a lot of it.

Sends: one room-sized convolution reverb, and one lightly modulated echo.

Inlines: some auto-pan on percussion and keys. EQ-8 on bass to roll off some lows, and some Cabinet for air. Auto-filter with drive and cabinet on guitar. Drum Buss on drums. Full-chain master on the stereo mix.

Title from the use of this week's element dysprosium in dosimeters.

I wanted to do other music related stuff this weekend too, so I decided to do a quickie and finish up an old project of mine.

It's been a poor week, this sound pretty much sums up how I feel.