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It's almost SPOOKY TIME! Also, I don't know how I feel about this one. Really focusing on the sound design so I think the structure and just feel of the song is everywhere.

Monday is just a good day for me to write. This song is a huge hodgepodge WIP.


It was my plan to finish this song but then my appendix burst. This is what I had, and with this I will shelve my concept album for the future. I plan to work on a story with my friend so There will be more of this in the future.

So, I spent the last 7 days in the hospital for a burst appendix and subsequent appendectomy. Luckily I had my phone and nanoloop with me.

Call me crazy for continuing to write music, but honestly it's really boring in the hospital so I wrote a song. Late sub cause I'm still recovering a bit.

If you like this, you can check out my nanoloop album here!

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So this is what I was able to write while also at a bachelor party. Guess I was feeling really chill!

A song introducing the antagonist of my concept album for the month of May,

I think there is a lot more to this song, so I'll have to figure it out later!

So this month I'm doing something different. During the month of May I will still be writing a song a week, but all songs will tie into each other in a concept/story EP in the end. During and after may I will hopefully continue to work on all of the songs if they turn out good!

The title for this one is a work in progress as I'm still working on story details.

A friend challenged me to write an 80's style synth song.

I hope someday to write lyrics and get an awesome female vocal for this. For now, y'all will have to deal with a synth in place of vocals.

The name is from the fact I took a swing dance class today in a room with a lot of windows.

Did this in one hour. PAX was long. I'll do better next week.

Gosh, what do I say about this week...

Started a new job so mental capacity was at a low. This track has a lot of potential but it is not at all there yet. Set out for electro and chiptune feel.

First time trying to write a break like this as well. Any comments or suggestions on what to focus on would be appreciated. Also sorry for the long name, it felt fitting at 11:00 PM Sunday.

Man, the last few weeks have been crazy, but finally, my job search is over! Lots of work into that this week so I only worked on this song the past two days. It's pretty fun though, trying to write more prog. house stuff this month so let's see how it goes.

All sounds are made from one VST Synth as I finished the classes it provided to learn synthesis!

A song I wrote for my fiancee as she requested a "song she could do yoga to".

Down to the wire this week because oops this is a long one. This can happen sometimes.

Another drum and bass song that came about with me working on my sound design and drum sample making. Not particularly pleased with it (went through MANY variations of the song and still not happy) but there are some things to be saved from this track. Let me know if you like anything!

This is a D&B track I made this week! Inspired by me and my friend watching a lot of horror movies.

Probably the most work in progress thing I've posted. Would like to add more variation to the drums but I don't have the time this week.

"Man's reach exceeds his imagination"

Keeping the inspirational vibes up. Enjoy.

Week one here we go! For this year I am working on my EDM production. So all of these instruments and effects are brand new and the drum sounds are custom (part of my classes in synth sound design). This is mostly how I will write all of my tracks.

I feel like this is a great song to start the new year off!

Brand New.wav54mb