Been working so a late mix this week. So yeah, all sorts going on here. Was more of a test to see what i could push from my rig. Omnisphere playing 8 parts, ABL, Hive, couple of drum loops all playing a Locrian mode arrangement.

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Opps. Forgot this week. Hard electro.

Another dub track with various versions - i like this version but like all my stuff it took a retro techno bent.

Started off as a dub test again....with aim of doing something for winter. But for winter i always think of Detroit techno, as that was the season i first heard it walking home through some old council estate. So it went that way. So follows a fairly well known techno pitch bended chord sequence (m, +2, -2). But the last chord is not so well known and has a Detroit vibe to my ears.

So off the back of the 48' really. Same session but changed the patterns and sounds to produce another hard techno track with a touch of acid (the track was meant to start as a cool 303 style pattern - with a weaker sound but in a nasty pattern and warp into an actual 303 as it built up). I like weird or sinister sequences in techno and this kinda fits into that and builds up a bit - but the sound itself could probably be doing more. I also quite enjoy analog pitch-bent basslines that make you feel a bit giddy and the filter opens here in an effort to increase intensity. It doesn't really work - the 303 should probably have been put through a distortion to sound more sinister then the core sounds. In the end, the core sounds win as they're just as aggressive and the 303 just bumbles along. Maybe if i'd brokedown the track and brought the 303 in solo it might have had a better effect. Frak me...what a ramble!

Just home from Iceland so very little time and whilst some of you might be expecting something akin to Sigor Ros, i just wanted to put out something hard, fast, and rather poorly mastered.

Sorry - been away to Iceland. this was an early techno track i finished and remastered. Its not great but has a kinda old skool' vibe to it.

Lil broken beat track. Needs some more sounds but no time this week. Sorry about ending. Put the wrong sound through the wrong reverb. (Note to self - check post send amount!).

Quick dub - been a busy week for me so late again.

Old Piano ambient dub thing i found and remastered. Been on nights so not had a lot of time.

Library tune from somewhere that i didn't have an orignal copy of so i simply rewrote it from a dodgy copy for posterity. I Didn't get time to give it Rhythm so this is demo form only

One of a good few Hauntology pieces i'm writing.

I don't really like this as its a bit messy and i may have hit some bang' notes that kinda work but sometimes sound a bit shit. Its quite old and "dumped" but i wanted to get it out the way as it was near to complete. Oh...and its got the ear piecing synth thing again. must stop that.

Running late - holiday. I'll try to catch up over next few weeks. Sorry.
This was a dub track that late in the mix i realised was in or near key with the classic AON track. So, not treally thinking mine was amazing i worked that in using samples and Arturia's rendition.
Original track (C) Art of noise

Quit proud of this one. Not mastered amazingly - couple of pops in the attack envelopes of the analog synths that probably arn't needed but i tried to focus on musical scale here. Bass is prehaps touch heavy. I've left most of the sounds raw unless they're presets in which case i've only taken off the reverb so i can route them all through the same verb and reduce wash. Its in an odd time signature and your never quite sure where it starts until you follow the bell pattern so its a bit chaotic. My favourite piece i've done. So far...

Test atmos' dub...not sure how the kick sounds.?
In my phones' it sounds sweet but speakers may distort. Simple track really. Sub/Kick drum loop with some Serum And Faux Juno 106 stabs - heavy delays and verb. Then that weird vocal loop which is some sample i stretched and cut to fit ties the whole track if you focus on that. I put it through an effect to faff around with its timing via delays. Then another sample pad thing (stretched again) but roughly in tune with the vocal. I can't mention the horn stab source as its erm.... borrowed. Probably could have been longer but i felt the idea had run its course.

A bit of broken beat with some new synths. Mixings heavy on the Rhodes parts. Probably should take out that Asia harp synth too.

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