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Took two days off; slaughtered it on the third day.

Took an easy day today. Busy day but got to writing late. Just didn't have as much energy as I normally do. just need a semi-day off. At least, I do.

Introducing Wyseld.

After half his face burned, he had thought people would nickname him. No one dared.

Wyseld, a man of emerald eyes and red hair, lived in Nomlesk mostly. Mostly, because he was a mercenary who had made an excellent life for himself. On occasion, he traveled to Phav or Rhea on business, but he preferred the city-states to the empire life. What was it that drew him to Nomlesk? He was not sure. He knew four languages—the main ones in both Phav and Rhea, and two for Nomlesk—but, that wasn't why he preferred the city-states.