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Uber writing session--lots of dialogue, so it seemed to go really quickly. Hence, the large amount written (although it was over two sessions to get that much written).

small preview:

Delwok cared for the boy, but only so much as a relative. He and Vayad spent little time together, only the bare minimum it seemed. Whereas, he and Natali chatted often. She enjoyed the deep and varied conversation they would have—something his wife and he rarely had. He recognized that Natali merely wanted to glean information from him. So he abliged. There was no one else to talk to, and she did not come around often enough for him to resent her company. She kept mostly away, but her company over the dozen or so times that she came by in those many months was a pleasant change of pace.

Work,Work,Work, trying to add slightly more transparent motivations for book 2, so that readers understand why people are doing what they're doing. Unfortunately, there are many many hard choices, so this results in massive internal conflict for lots of them.

Inner thoughts are total chaos...