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  • I started with the hopes to self teach myself how to draw digitally. I wasn't getting the outcome that I was hoping for but what I do have is the rough sketch. I promised myself I'd turn something in regardless of how discouraged I'd feel. I love astrology, myths, and folklores so when this came up I saw it as an opportunity to flex some cobwebbed creative parts of my brain. I'm used to Greco-roman myths of Venus and wanted to see what other cultures had to say about these planets and gods. Inanna is a Mesopotamian version of Venus. She rules love, wisdom, fertility, lust, and war. She is depicted as a beautiful woman with a lion under each foot representing the morning star and the evening star. I used the two lions in the sketch as transformational light as Inanna becomes her superhero alter-ego. I hope to work on it some more in the near future.