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Well, I have had things every day this week, so it's been hard to really get much done sadly. I'm surprised I even managed to make the event system! I've started to implement what I'm calling the third tier of gameplay (hmm, why is it the third tier. I don't even remember what the first two tiers were...) - an action mechanic. Anytime you attempt to interact with something in game which is above trivial difficulty, you will have to play a "minigame" of sorts. This minigame consists of a progress bar that fills over time, and a percentage chance the task will fail. You can speed up time by holding the run key - but this will both deplete your endurance AND increase the failure chance of the task. It's simple enough that you wont be frustrated at having to do a dumb minigame for so many actions, but has enough depth to play into the other mechanics of the game. Since so much of the game will rely on you completing tasks in a limited time, you will be managing your endurance and speed of completing the tasks, in a similar way to managing your potions, mp, and hp as you go through a dungeon in final fantasy.

Anyway, I got the action ui and mechanics working (to a point). The next step is to actually hook up the ui to different actions in the game.