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So today I just fixed a couple quick bugs, may do more later and edit this, but for now have a quick gif of me running around.

Note: new art is incoming from my artist very soon, so there will be some more fleshed out animations etc. (not that you even see the full animations at this framerate, I assure you its better in person.)

Edit: and yes we know the dummy looks out of place, but everything you see is still early mockup(:

Edit: replace with gfycat to appease the site users

So today I tried to improve my camera movement, ended up actually being far more complex to figure out just a simple deadzone then I expected. Actually ended up having to skype another dev for advice.... Hard part (in thinking, simple to implement) is that my camera looks ahead of you when you run, so a simple wall-style deadzone doesn't work. The other devs suggestion was a world-space deadzone, which is what I implemented (still needs some work, could be smoother, better behaving). (this is in my debug mode, the white box is the deadzone, though only x axis matters atm, which is why y axis isn't lined up)

Can't get upload on here working so:

(gif is not full screen area, so thats part of why the camera feels like it needs more space at some points)