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Not much done today. Mostly, I got my desktop up and running with Haxe, Luxe, Cmder, Git, and GitHub for Windows. Will try to be more productive tomorrow.

Okay, so I've finally settled (for real this time... seriously) on using Haxe and Luxe as my weapons of choice. Hopefully that's a good decision since the guy running this streak is on the freakin' Luxe demo page! Anyway... I'm apparently also using Github for source control, which is fine. My project's at Mecha Gunbuster Squad now if anyone wants to follow along.

Unfortunately, actual game progress has regressed, since I'll need to re-implement everything in Haxe. That's not a problem though. What is a problem is the incorrect tutorials and the general lack of documentation. For instance, the tutorials want you to use Luxe.loadTexture('file_name'); to create an image, except that Luxe.loadTexture() doesn't exist. Luxe.resources.load_texture() does, but it returns a Promise, which means I'll either need to figure out how to use the Luxe resource manager, or how to use Promises (which aren't that hard to understand, but seem overly difficult to use). This is assuming, of course, either of those options actually do what I want in the first place, since nothing explains how anything works...

But on the positive side, I can use colored rectangles for now, so I can still get a very abstract (we'll say it's "stylized") game working for the time being.

Because I'm once again getting tired of Java's insipid need for everything to be declared over and over (and over and over and ...). I've started looking for a different library/language/toolset to continue building MGS. Currently, I'm looking into a Haxe + HaxeFlixel or HaxePunk combo as they seem particularly designed around portability and ease of use, plus it seems like it shouldn't be too hard to port what I have using either library.

Yes, I know. It's rather weird to switch programming languages in the middle of building a game. I just tend to learn new things easier that way, and maybe one day I'll find the "one", that special language that has everything I could ever want (which so far, Scala is the closest, but it's still not quite there).