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I am not on my game today... Did kind of crap, but still managed 6 songs.

Played 6 songs. I was gonna do 9 but I am feeling fairly tired today.

Finally up to date! Played 6 songs.. as you can see, my brain is tired.

Played 4 songs.. but one was 10 minutes long!

Did 6 songs today, FC'd a 4 minute song :)

Did another 6 songs. I am plumb tuckered out.

Played another 6 songs. Queen of Light is hard!

Played 6 songs but my PIUIO died on me twice so I got angry and closed the game before I could get a screenshot. >:[

Late submission! Played 9 songs, mostly 7s. PIUIO had another hiccup so my screenshot only shows 3.

Late submission! Did another 6 songs today (technically 7 but my PIUIO died during the first song...). Tried an expert 10 but, well, yeah.. :P

Late submission! I've been a bit out of it for a few days, but I'm trying to catch up with everything starting with my StepMans obligations~

Played another 6 songs. I really need new shoes, my feet hurt a lot now. :(

Late submission! I played 9 songs with Rory. Finally solved my flickering issues: Korora auto logs in to Wayland instead of Xorg even though the login option in the login screen says Xorg! So when I run Linux under Xorg, all my video issues go away.

Played 12 songs but my PIUIO died in the middle of the last song~

Streaming works! I can stream at 30fps while the game maintains 60fps. I am going to spend time trying to fix the flickering now as it is becoming unbearable. Rory and I played 9 songs tonight.

I did a system upgrade today and tested it out by playing a song. I had to babysit this evening so I won't get a chance to play again :(

Did 12 songs, half of which were 6-8, the other half were 5.

Still not feeling the best but I managed to crank out 9 songs, 5s and 6s.

I'm still feeling pretty under the weather today so I played a single song again. I usually have a rest day each week anyway so I'll consider this my rest day. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow so I can get back in the groove! *crickets*

I only played one song to day so I could post here. However, I did walk around the mall for a few hours so at least that's some exercise, right? I feel pretty cruddy today though so I am gonna hit the hay early.

Played 12 songs with Rory, including Monolith 7 and Mellow 8, the songs that got me playing at the arcade, and my warm up song back in the day, respectively. I am really happy that I am already back up to this level after only a couple weeks.

I've decided to switch to doing sets of 3 songs as I ramp up the difficulty for it to feel a bit more arcadey~ Today I did 9 songs, several of them were 7s and I am sweaty and tired. :P

I've decided to start ramping up a bit in difficulty. I've been mostly playing 4s and 5s and the occasional 6. I'm going to mover this up to 5s and 6s with the occasional 7. I played 10 songs today but I have an issue where sometimes the dance pads will d/c from the system and StepMania can't recover them so I have to reboot the system. That is why the below picture only has 3 stages listed.

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