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Once again I just filled a page with lots of not much, so instead of posting that, I'll just post a photo of how fucked the paper I'm writing on is.

I don't know when exactly this happened, but at some point some water must have ended up on the stack of paper and now every single sheet looks like this. Since I normally just use it for random notes, that hasn't been much of a problem thus far.

But now that I'm trying to write proper text over the entire page, it's really annoying because the page just isn't flat. At all. I hate it.

Didn't find the time to write my usual page of rambly text, but I did fill the front and back of an A4 sheet with occasional ranting, worldbuilding and conlanging notes as well as just random expressions of boredom throughout the day, so I say that counts.

Not much to add to the actual text to be honest; Got a new pen and some new ink, so basically just lots of fun 😀 💜

Somehow I couldn't write a single sentence without my hand getting confused in some way or another; lots of dumb mistakes and such.

Won't bother uploading because not nice anyway.

Still amazed how much the switch to cursive has straightened out my lines. Guess this means block letters are gay? ⚐‍🌈 Should I switch back to block? Either way, I also noticed that my spacing between lines was huge so I just shoved the text closer together. Also a bunch of really dumb misspellings 😖 the kind you notice as you're still writing the letter that make you want to instantly face palm 💢 Oh well 😅

too tired to comment see page

I think I'm mostly used to writing in cursive style again.

Not a single time did I start writing an S in block letters (for whatever reason that's the letter I struggle with the most; it's just so blockletterable I can't resist)

Only the occasional instance of writing one letter when my head is already thinking about the next one and my hand getting confused in the process. But that phenomenon is well known to me even from when I did lots of handwriting back in school, so I conclude that that's just a me thing. Oh well.

Took me a couple of pages to get used to writing in cursive again, but I managed to make the switch (Guess it's like riding a bicycle; you never really forget how to do it) and now I only rarely switch back to block letters by accident.

Just another page of me rambling about having nothing to write about. Maybe I should just turn this into a thing. Write about all the different ways I just don't have nothing interesting to say.

The handwriting is okay-ish most of the time, and ironically, I just can't seem to get a single line of text actually straight.

Filled the front and backside of an A4 sheet with random thoughts about how hard it is to come up with stuff to write on the spot.

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