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Working exercise 2 - circles, ellipsis, cones

Surprisingly hard, but I felt like I was getting somewhere until the cones. SUPER hard. Should flip so I can draw the ellipsis vertically

note - did free practice SAT and SUN, but forgot to enter it into the streak.

Trying out Krita. Not sure if like. Seemed sort of laggy compared to PS c4 which I'd been using. Will check tutorials to see if there's something else I can do with it.

Drawing from the shoulder is weird. And weirdly tiring. Also, drawing straight lines is quite hard.

Tried to draw an egg using the five point value scale of yesterday. Not easy on the drawing pad. I might be trying to go about this wrong. I could have done better with a pencil. Played with a few different ways of doing it. Best result was with ellipse tools. Most honest result, a sketch.

Need to find some proper digital drawing noob tutorials which don't assume a background in trad methods.

Started learning how to configure photoshop for digital drawing, set up a basic brush set & practiced with each, and started on color mixing for a 5 point value scale.

Baby steps

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