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Did some stuff with that but R-18, so not sure if I can post it there. (not nudity alone if you want to ask :P )

I've decided to push myself to start doing some sort of visual art once a week in addition to the music I work on.
Nothing special, just doodles of concepts. If I progress at all, I'd like to work with mixed media.

For this "piece" I sketched a rough outline with pencil, then went over it with a sharpie and erased the pencil lines. Then I snapped a photo on my phone, bumped up the contrast, and trimmed off the extra space surrounding the character.

*Edit: I've also posted a version of the doodle where I used different phone apps to edit the doodle. Would that be considered mixed media? Is blending inked art with digital effects considered mixed media?

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks!