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Ahh Ariel, I used to draw her all the time a few years back. Anyways I haven't drawn her in FOREVERRR and I haven't drawn a finished looking portrait in a while...soo both combined we has an Ariel portrait :3 Today's painting went fairly smooth, no major hiccups..cept the one time the power went out..but that aside it was pretty much smooth sailing. It was really fun too, I could feel all my previous studies coming in really handy. It's an awesome feeling when you realise you know how to paint a certain thing that you didn't before...ANyways, will do portraits for the next two days and then back to more cartoony fanarts :B

And as far as how I feel about how it turned out, it's not bad. I'm kinda happy with how it turned out..but yeah gotta keep studying moar stuff.