Submissions from 2015-10-05 to 2015-10-12 (4 total)

So close yet so late! Very Sailor Venus + goddess Aphrodite vibes in this one, giving the whole planet her Love & Beauty Shock! ♥

  • I started with the hopes to self teach myself how to draw digitally. I wasn't getting the outcome that I was hoping for but what I do have is the rough sketch. I promised myself I'd turn something in regardless of how discouraged I'd feel. I love astrology, myths, and folklores so when this came up I saw it as an opportunity to flex some cobwebbed creative parts of my brain. I'm used to Greco-roman myths of Venus and wanted to see what other cultures had to say about these planets and gods. Inanna is a Mesopotamian version of Venus. She rules love, wisdom, fertility, lust, and war. She is depicted as a beautiful woman with a lion under each foot representing the morning star and the evening star. I used the two lions in the sketch as transformational light as Inanna becomes her superhero alter-ego. I hope to work on it some more in the near future.

I have multiple submissions for this one because I wasn't happy with the original Venus and then decided to redraw her.

When I first started drawing this week, I desperately wanted Venus to be sort of "bubble gum pop" and I wanted to play with drawing curly hair. What I didn't keep in mind was how important it is to me that the characters I create in this streak look good together as a set. Mercury was sort of tarot card inspired so to keep that going, I've scrapped original Venus (still posted here) and redrawn her.

This was me channeling an oil pastel drawing I once made of Jean Grey/Phoenix, so this is tarot + X-Men inspired.

Actual size: 32x54
Palette: Atari 2600

Sorry this is late! (I've been away this past week so I had to put this together super quickly today)

My Mercury princess is inspired by the surface of the planet