Submissions from 2015-06-08 to 2015-06-15 (6 total)

Taken at Dolores Park during the 2015 Bubble Battle in the Park.

  • D5100
  • 70-300mm
  • ISO 400
  • 280mm
  • f/5.6
  • 1/1000
  • processed in lightroom

This week I wanted to emphasize on "filling the frame". My unofficial theme was composition simplification through magnification. You can find my weekly progress here. All the shots were taken on a 55-250mm macro lens. Even though I tried to focus mostly on abstract compositions, I couldn't stop myself from snapping a few street shots here and there...

Of all the pictures, the one below was my personal favorite this week. Our office has always had a very nice sunset. As I was walking out of the office this particular day, I spotted the Sun setting behind a tall building, creating a glowing backdrop. I took a few sample shots through the window. They looked amazing. I quickly ran out of the office to look for a better angle. Few minutes later, this picture was taken. I was lucky enough to have caught the sunlight peeking through the building. It's the reason I picked this photo as my picture of the week.

My eye was caught this morning by the ceiling in the Asby BART station. I like how the inconsistency of the lights interferes with / conflicts with the regularity of the ribs, making the uniqueness of each stand out more.

I'm tempted to tweak the framing by cropping it a bit, and I may play with the color treatment as well before considering it 'final', plus I'm curious to see if it's actually as sharp as it looks since I hand held it at 1/6 sec. But in the interest of the streak, I'm posting it raw!

But I'm glad that I actually carried my camera this morning and chose to whip it out even though I then had to scramble to make the train :-)

Canon S110, manual mode, ISO 80, F5.6, 1/6sec (handheld!)

I went on a hike on Mt. Tam this weekend. Don't remember the name of the trail, but caught a few awesome bay views, including this one of San Quentin State Prison and Richmond Bridge.

I've been having a lot of fun playing with bokeh, for this shot i wanted the trees sharp and the background blurred. I cropped the pic so that only a bit of the trees are in the shot, and san quentin is more prominent. I also raised the saturation a tiny bit to make the trees greener and the background bluer. I wish I had gotten the trees in the foreground a bit sharper.

The photo was taken with a sony a6000, with the 16-50mm kit lens. I don't remember the settings at the moment, but but I was shooting with a small f-stop

Shot on iPhone6 at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. This is the raw jpg without any editing.