Submissions from 2015-05-06 to 2015-05-07 (1 total)

Great progress with Luxe and the Catabalt remake. I've got the base logic nearly done, collisions detecting correctly, my states set up and working, increasing difficulty and running at a steady 60fps in a browser in HTML5.

Luxe is performing like I hoped it would. Giving me plenty of options but then staying out of my way and letting me implement the way that I want to. The code this time around is much cleaner than my first attempt. Some of this is because I'm not hacking around the HaxeFlixel stuff I don't need for the game because of the engine change, but a good portion of it is because I rewrote all the code from scratch and I'm not iterating or making the mistakes I did last time.

I'd share a link to play it, but I'm still fighting with getting Joomla to embed HTML5 games correctly, so a GIF for now.