Submissions from 2015-10-29 to 2015-10-30 (2 total)

A submission for Make games. 278

May try procjam this year, mostly just to give me something else to work on when I get tired of working on my nano. Getting set up with luxe. @Nico - any good tutorials? I did the first one and got a sprite on the screen, but other than the api the documentation seems pretty sparse after that.

Probably going to make some crappy roguelike.

I got halfway through #10, so created a water gun that shoots no damage. Started working on making the water drops explode when shot with the other gun, but ran into a bug where the water exploded instantly as it was shot out. So I just ran around with a self AOE explosion. Maybe good idea for something else but not this one.

I will keep trying to fix that bug tomorrow, hopefully finish #10 and move to #11 if I feel up to it.