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A submission for Make games. 274

I worked on the conversation system a bit. I'm not really happy with it both in concept or code - I might redesign how it works. Until then, alongside fixing some bugs where the npc ai would take over in the middle of a conversation; I've modified how eavesdropping works. Before, I was modifying the opacity of the textbox as you got further away from the center of the conversation. It worked well enough, but I felt like fading it out wasn't quite appropriate.

First, it's not always that clear whether it's fading as part of the normal animation of the textbox, or whether it's because you are too far away. Second, even if the text has faded a lot, as a player it is still possible to read the complete content of the dialog! That's not quite what I want. I would like there to be situations where either for stealth reasons, or because of the way the environment is situated, as a player you can pick up some of the dialog but not all of it.

So I've switched it to a letter replacement system. As you get further away from the conversation, more of the letters are replaced. At a certain distance, you will see no letters at all. You had better sneak a little closer if you want to pick up that important bit of information...