Submissions from 2015-08-18 to 2015-08-19 (2 total)

Made the fox search for food when endurance is low, and he will go pick it up and eat it. I had to add a new behavior node for interacting with items in the inventory vs the world, as trying to simply eat the meat rather than picking it up first was throwing an error. (The eat command involves deleting the item from the characters inventory, if he doesn't pick it up first it's not in there!) I could have worked around this by modifying the eat command to only attempt to remove the item from the inventory and silently continue if it's not there, but... I might as well continue my method of completely grounding the npcs in the world and not giving them special powers. Barring some ui elements, npcs are functionally equivalent to another player, which is what I want.

In a funny twist of fate, it turns out eating meat is currently modeled as a challenged action (where character skill can affect outcome). And the ui for this is not tied to the character using it but just a random ui on the screen. So you can see the interface show up when npcs try to eat, which is a bit odd. Also, you the player are informed that he has eaten poisoned meat :P

Oh hey. I also realized I can now lure the fox into my trap by putting meat down. I wonder if that will work.... hey it did! I didn't explicitly set up that interaction. Hopefully as I add more interactions this kind of emergence will start to multiply.

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Fixed a bunch of bugs with my AI. It's still hella dumb, but it won't make units walk over each other anymore.