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A submission for Make games. 134

I was having so much trouble getting homing missiles to work, for some reason. I gave up a few times, but figured it out at last, so I'LL call today a success.

Thanks Nico for your words of encouragement :)

A submission for Make games. 134

D'oh, only 2 days in I totally forgot about this.

I'll try starting over then. My mock-up currently looks like this. Once I'm done with it I'll begin making a prototype.

Forgot to mention - the grass on the left is the old grass, the one on the right is the new one. Might still change it so the dirt looks like a pathway or something.

A submission for Make games. 134

  • Off by 1 in the search list, the last game was always visible
    • (I had the total time displayed inside the game list at one point)