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A submission for Make games. 131

I'm sick so wasn't able to do a lot yesterday, but I did return to Erik, albeit not in a big way.

  • Noticed pixel-offset bug had mysteriously returned. Realized I had never merged in my bug fix for that which I had added on my work computer. Headslap. Here I am 8 or 9 commits in and I have 3 commits on another head. Merged it in, surprisingly with no code conflicts.
  • Wrote up a third "scenario" for the first scene. Spent some time thinking about how these scenarios will be implemented. Going to think about it a lot more before I hastily code up anything for them.

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A submission for Make games. 131

I worked on serializing some classes for easy load/save to xml. Unity makes it soooo easy. Pictures will come when time warner decides that maybe they should give me access to the interwebz since I'm paying them for it.

A submission for Make games. 131

I spend every weekend away from home, but this one I completely forgot to bring my laptop charger. Just so I would keep the streak up I wrote down every idea I have for the game I'm working on. I'll probably change most things as it became WAY too complicated and I want this to be a small project - well not exactly small but I want to be able to complete it in 6 months or less.

Here's the write up:

basic ideas:

- Tower with 100 floors (+20 hidden maybe)
- player must grab all treasures in the tower to beat the game 100%
- gameplay based after Tower Of Ki, but top down like Goof Troop
- Tower does not follow floors directly (eg 1-2-3), sometimes it will skip a floor (eg 1-3-4)
- There are hidden entrances to these hidden floors
- game starts in the first floor
- player must go up each floor while avoiding traps and enemies
- player can find magic shops (???) where he can spend his money
- currency is cruzeiros symbol


- 2 different item types: equippable and passive
- 4 passive, 4 equippable
- items have levels (up to lvl3)
- player can upgrade items using rare upgrade stones(candy? magic sand? baguette?)
- upgrading items add/change their effects

Item list:
 -Zarabatana (blowgun)

tentative ideas:

- a new theme every 20 floors (120/20 = 6 different themes)
- a way for the player to "warp" between floors more easily (maybe a warp every 10 floors)
[note: another idea would be having no warps at all - the player would have to beat the game then go back to find other treasures]
-player has to go back to his car(?) to change items

A submission for Make games. 131

I am going to start working on something new today.