Submissions from 2015-05-03 to 2015-05-04 (3 total)

Added collisions, and a bunch of minor code-tweaks and fixes. Enemies would push you around as they moved to the player, but now they stop at a minimum distance, for... reasons (I felt like it mostly... <_<).

Also now that I have Git all set-up with Sublime Text, the number of commits I make per day have increased by something like 20 times. So yeah, all the commits.

And I made a thing for Alien Frog, because why not?

A submission for Make games. 99

Played with networking a bit for fun, and messed with plant physics to try a less underwatery feeling one.

Long day

A submission for Make games. 99

I'm exhausted from looking at apartments all day, so today is a short update.

I've added some code to the player controller to make it so that gravity is lowered while tap-and-holding. It allows for higher jumps and feels a little better than before, but needs tweaking.

I also redrew some background assets and fixed a bug. Go me.