Submissions from 2015-03-24 to 2015-03-25 (4 total)

Slow day

A submission for Make games. 59

Just messed with conversations a bit, making them able to move. They still feel really clunky. They are going to need to be really tight to work well.


A submission for Make games. 59

We finished our game! Give it a go if you have the chance. Ahhhh this is crazy!

A submission for Make games. 59

Today we talked a little about enemy and combat design, thinking through different styles of combat. This is kind of challenging due to the size of the player on screen, so it's going to take some thought + trial and error.

I also worked at trying to make jumping feel better on slopes. Due to *physics* if you are moving fast horizontally on a slope and then jump, if the slope is too steep you will still be pressing against it, ruining the feel of the jump. Some games can work around this because their player is aligned to the slope, but ours is not. So, instead, my attempt to alleviate this is to actually increase the players jump height when they are climbing a hill. If I up it too much it feels overpowered though, so jumps on slopes are still far shorter (at least perceived) vs. jumps on land. I think I'm nearing the sweet spot though and its feeling ok, further testing will hopefully give us a clearer idea, maybe we will just have to stay away from heavy slopes.


(note I'm now crossposting these from the tig log, and there may be other interesting content there that does not show up here.)

Even though this is just some random point lights strewn about, this already has way more atmosphere than the unlit equivalent. I keep on forgetting how bland a scene looks before lighting, and promptly am blown away by how much slicker it looks with.

(Oh, and this table for light RGB values is a wonderful resource.)

I wrote up this lighting system myself, with the intent of making it into a Phaser plugin for everyone else to benefit from. I'll share when I do that.