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Finally made it back to the meetup, which was cool. I didn't do much socializing because I was hot on finishing up some of the code changes I've been working on, but let's just say one of the guys there worked on kerbal space program and I sat in the corner with stars in my eyes glancing over at him every few minutes lol.

Anyway, I am still playing with behavior trees to try and get a balance between flexibility and ease of adding stuff. I was able to finish hooking up the drag action as a behavior, but it still had some bugs in that if you move, the guy chasing you goes to where you triggered the chase, rather than where you are now. I used a previous follow behavior, and added some arguments (and ways to set arguments in the behavior tree) so that the drag_to behavior can call into the follow behavior and attach it to the right character. So the guy chasing you will keep trying to get to you, only initiating the drag when he's actually close enough.

I also added arguments to the event which triggers the drag, enabling characters to chase and drag other offenders besides just the player. Force your "friend" to commit a crime just as the guard comes around the corner, and watch him get taken to the prison :)

Sometimes it's like keeping plates spinning, but while challenging they do look cool while they are spinning. Before the ai gets stuck trying to go around a corner and the plates crash to the ground!

For bonus points I also added a tick event to the event system, so I can set events to happen in the future.

Been working 3 days straight on speech bubbles now.. far from finished, but it's looking good so far :#3


A submission for Make games. 56

Progress on trailer

A submission for Make games. 56

Mhh level tweaks, played with how to avoid overhead slopes in sloped levels, but I went spelunking today so that took priority.

Edit: fun gif:

Arranged some really great things for One Room Dungeon today.

Details soon!

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