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This streak is for me to keep churning out art all summer and not be lazy and do nothing. I may change the requirements after a bit, I'm not quite sure what amount is best. Text me if you have any changes or additions that you think of i don't really know what I'm doing yet. Submissions are due Sunday/Monday at Midnight.


7-10 sketchbook pages each week

2 large portfolio worthy works each week

The large finished works I'm going to say both have to be not sketches: so paintings in any media, digital paintings, anything you can make that would qualify as a finished work for AP art. HOWEVER I'm gonna say only one of these has to be "finished" per week. As long as they are not sketches and at least finished-ish, it counts. So one has to be on its way to being done, a work in progress or finished if you like but not required, and the other has to be a full done portfolio worthy work. That way by the end of the summer you should have 10+ pieces with possible uses for AP Art.

NOW if you are like me and experience art blocks and loss of confidence like weekly, I am compiling a master page of prompts, challenges, and ideas that you can draw inspiration from. For the paintings/finished works I will be planning on doing a lot of work from nature pictures I have taken in the past year. Try to make original works, works from life, and works from pictures. Here is a link to the master post of prompts (also i will make it so that you can add to it so we can all keep having new ideas if you find any more challenges and prompts):

ALSO I have an art inspiration blog, I put anything and everything that even twinges my art sense so I will trust you with that link too. (Amanda I have spoilers for A Court Of Thorns And Roses on there for like the first 10 posts you see, just a warning i guess, id say they are kind of major spoilers for the second book, I would just like go there and then scroll a lot till you are past it and don't read anything hahah sorry)(PS I will be updating this one actually so it won't be the first 10 anymore, how about i will put a warning post before the spoilers just in case and then you will know when they start. okay):


This isn't like the last two streaks I did, You are under no obligation to post pictures, If you want you can just list the amount of work you completed, and its up to you to post 0-2 pictures or whatever you want its fine. I will probably post 1-2 pics a week, not necessarily of the large things, maybe a sketch or whatever i liked the most that week. Keep that in mind.

Other Resources (some of these are really great and cool!):


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