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Hey doods, I'm just trying to eat less junk food. No specific restrictions on most stuff, but do try to avoid:

  • ALL Potato chips/snack foods (funions, lays, fritos, cheetos
  • ALL cookies, cakes and brownies which hurts me the most (Oreo, chips ahoy, Girl Scout cookies </3)
  • MOST pre-mixed/ brewed tea drinks and friut juices (Brisk, Arizona)
  • ALL Ice Cream (my love </3)
  • ALL Fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, Chik-fil-a </3) (Some foods there are relatively health conscious, salads and such, but as a whole try to avoid, most of their 'healthy' food can still be pretty bad)
  • Extremely Greasy/ Fried Foods (Most Pizzas </3, French Fries </3, Onion Rings </3, Chicken Wings </3)
  • ALL Soda </3

Try to eat healthier! This isn't super strict dieting, and obviously some rules have exceptions such as the cookie one, where I guess you could find the weight watchers type of health food items. As a whole I am going to try to stick to this list, only eating friuts, vegetables, grilled and baked meats and some breads. My only drinks will be water. I'm not a dietician or a pro- dieter or a expert on nutrition at all, so feel free to change the list for yourself if you see anything wrong with it. Its just my guidelines. I'll be doing some running, excercise and minor weight lifting on my own personal routine with a home gym set I got from a buddy (mainly because Im self conscious and cant afford that membership coinage). Try to do some excercise too! You don't even have to go full-on workouts, just try to walk, go fishing, spend some time being active outside. And if you break it don't feel discouraged and give up! get right back into it, you are only human =)

We are going at it for a month starting when I get back from a big vacation to Disneyworld, and who knows! We can go on from there.
Good luck!

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