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The goal is simple: Write a short story in response to a daily writing prompt.

There are no rules; the style of story, length, genre and how long you take are all up to you. Use the prompt as your opening sentence or as general inspiration to kick-start your imagination.

Publish it on your blog, on Medium, or wherever you like and share the links here.

The daily prompts will be created by Joshua.

Get excited!

Daily Prompts:

02/04/2015: Better living through chemistry
02/04/2015: The straw that broke the camel's back
02/03/2015: The beacon in the sky
02/02/2015: That was a stupid wish. I never should have made it.

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My hands were raw and bleeding; dirt had worked its way into the weeping blisters. I still wasn't done here, so I wrapped my hands in strips of fabric from my shirt and adjusted my grip on the shovel.

It was a stupid wish. I never should have made it.

I repeated the thought like a mantra, the words forming a beat in time with the thump of the shovel. I couldn't change the past though, no matter how hard I wished. I guess it was a one-wish scenario. No take-backs. No extra wishes.

It was a stupid wish. I never should have opened my mouth.

I kept digging. I was out of breath. Mud trickled down my face and arms; a mixture of sweat and dirt. I was standing in the hole now, hefting shovel-loads of dirt up and over the edge. My eyes were gritty from clouds of soil puffing into the air.

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