Submissions from 2019-05-20 to 2019-05-27 (10 total)

A couple of minutes of ambient soundtrack that I've been playing around with using some very slow random arpeggiation on the PreenFM2 and a self generating patch on the 0-Coast.


It was my plan to finish this song but then my appendix burst. This is what I had, and with this I will shelve my concept album for the future. I plan to work on a story with my friend so There will be more of this in the future.

Back to 130bpm acid ;D
Trying to get a deeper swampy sound in my techno.

nothing special, a 90 minute quick jam out. first takes on all the instruments. i think my technique is improving somewhat as a result of this weekly exercise though

So for some reason I've never been able to do good electronic dance music and I think I figured out the reason: I wasn't creating risers properly!

I need to study up on my clichés more, so here's some Big Room-ish House.

I also need to start finishing tracks so I might work on this more for next week. Arrangement isn't really finished yet and I need to definitely work on processing/sound selection/production.

Welcome again everyone (I took a 4 week hiatus).

A busy week, but I managed to get a track together. Three different drum racks (64-pad jazz, 64-pad special, Carbon kit) with Drum Buss, handclaps, two relatively untreated tracks of Res-O-Glas guitar (though through EHX LPB2ube and Vox Wah) and a track of Epi P-J bass (through the Balls KWB). Not a lot of time for tracking, so this one's collaged together quickly.

Sends: two Echo channels and one convolution reverb. Full-chain master.

Title from the use of tantalum in capacitors.

Another attempt at something like a real techno track that I cobbled together from some loops I recorded experimenting couple of weeks ago.

Had to fix this, reuploaded.

Going for something spacey again. I wrote this to practise and play around with scales.