Inspired by a play I will be sound designing in November.

On the dark, frigid wasteland of Pluto, a team of scientists finds themselves marooned and out of contact with Earth. With nothing to do but wait, the crew struggles to maintain their sanity as the very fabric of reality begins to unravel around them. In the spirit of sci-fi horror classics such as Alien and Sunshine, Alistair McDowall's groundbreaking play poses the question: Can you solve for X?

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Tried to write a spooky song for October

Nice little drum and bass maybe thing

Soooooo.... I've kept going just not on the site. Things got crazy with life: designed sound/music for a crazy theatre production. But I kept going so here is the start of a lot of late submits (sorry!)

It's almost SPOOKY TIME! Also, I don't know how I feel about this one. Really focusing on the sound design so I think the structure and just feel of the song is everywhere.

Named after an old band I had. It will probably be a while until I write chiptune so enjoy this one!

Happy Hardcore for my newlywed friends!

Monday is just a good day for me to write. This song is a huge hodgepodge WIP.

A song I have made for my fantasy football league. Fox Sports but EVIL.

I swear I still plan to write 52 songs this year. Just maybe not per week. The last two were songs I wrote In a day so I'm not cheating... much yet...

Wrote this based off of a goofy script a coworker wrote. The scene would be a bunch of people destroying an old and evil car.

WEEK 30!?!?!?!? Last chiptune song for a bit, and now I move on to maybe doing full on rock music? I'll let you know how it goes.

Another chiptune romp. Wrote it while in tech week for a theatrical production!

Still trying to write a makeup song for week 27... I promise next week.

So I missed last week as I essentially submitted my song to an exclusive compilation... so I didn't post it. I hope to make up for it this month but it is not this week.

Feeling very all over the place so my song reflects that. At least I got it in!

Catching up, making up for a week I couldn't post. I'll be taking a break from LSDJ posts after this week. Moving on to other things!

Chiptune yo. Here's more.

Still trying to find the right sound for my guitar and the chiptune. Working all next month on this as well!

Bit of a set back with recovery from my surgery and my want to really get guitar involved made me late. Sorry all.

Oops late submit.

This month (and the next) I'll be focusing on chiptunes and lsdj.

Here is a simple chiptune track I made based on a song name recommendation. I didn't get to do any arrangement glueing so if it's choppy I understand!

So, I spent the last 7 days in the hospital for a burst appendix and subsequent appendectomy. Luckily I had my phone and nanoloop with me.

Call me crazy for continuing to write music, but honestly it's really boring in the hospital so I wrote a song. Late sub cause I'm still recovering a bit.

If you like this, you can check out my nanoloop album here!

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